Diamond-based quantum computing at room temperatures

Quantagonia is pleased to announce a partnership with SaxonQ GmbH to connect their breakthrough diamond-based, room temperature quantum computers with Quantagonia’s software and middleware components.
Diamond-based quantum computing at room temperatures

“Our room temperature quantum computers not only enable us to harness the power of quantum computing using sustainable wall plug energy but will also be mobile and will play a significant role in industries such as automotive, logistics and artificial intelligence,” said Prof. Dr. Marius Grundmann, co-founder of SaxonQ GmbH and professor for experimental physics at Leipzig University. “Together with Quantagonia’s software platform, SaxonQ’s future generations of quantum computers will be able to efficiently run the algorithms of any company – in effect making quantum computing ubiquitous.”

“In the future, the performance of quantum computers will undoubtedly be superior to today’s high-performance computers,” said Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, physicist, and co-founder of Quantagonia. “However, most of the architectures being developed today require very low temperatures, around minus 273°C to operate. Quantagonia's platform combined with SaxonQ's room temperature quantum computers will enable companies to take advantage of those capabilities more easily, while at the same time bringing quantum computers from the cloud to ‘the edge’.”

About SaxonQ:

SaxonQ GmbH was founded in Leipzig in June 2021. The goal is the development of quantum computers for room temperature and moderate cooling, based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamonds. SaxonQ is a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, Felix-Bloch-Institut für Festkörperphysik. Their quantum computer is mobile, easy to use, requires low maintenance, works at room temperatures, has low power consumption, and can be installed using a wall plug. You can learn more on their website: https://www.saxonq.com/

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