Hybrid Quantum Platform and HybridSolver Product Update Release

We are excited to announce our early Fall 2022 product update. This release includes new features for our Hybrid Quantum Platform (HQP) and both new features and significant performance enhancements for our HybridSolver plug-in mathematical optimization engine for our Hybrid Quantum Platform.
Hybrid Quantum Platform and HybridSolver Product Update Release

Expanded range of APIs for our Hybrid Quantum Platform

With this release, we have extended our API support beyond Python to include Java and C++ (and languages that can interact with C++, including C# and Objective C). "Ease of use and adoption is important to us," said Boro Šofranac, Head of Development, Applications. "Expanding the range of fast and intuitive APIs available to our customers remains a key priority to support our growing user base."

You can learn more about Quantagonia's Hybrid Quantum Platform here.

Enhanced HybridSolver Performance and New Features

Formulating a model as a QUBO is often especially useful for problems that take longer than desired to solve when formulated as MIP models. This release of HybridSolver delivers significant performance enhancements and new features:

  • 25% faster performance on models in our test set that can be solved to optimality within five minutes. Note that five minutes includes both the time to identify the optimal solution and the time needed to prove optimality, allowing for even faster performance in production if optimality proofs are not required.
  • For the remaining models, the average gap to optimality has been reduced 5X after five minutes, again including the time to calculate the gap.
  • With this release, we've also added powerful presolve capabilities and support for using SOS constraints with MIP models.

Learn more about HybridSolver here.

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