HybridSolver Performance Release Update

Quantagonia is pleased to announce significant QUBO model performance enhancements for HybridSolver .
HybridSolver Performance Release Update

Across a broad set of academic and real-world QUBO models and using the same hardware, this release delivers a 5x speedup of mean time to optimality and a 6x speedup of median time to optimality, vs. our already industry-leading prior release.

“We are very pleased with the ability of QUBO models to serve as an important addition to, and even substitute for, modeling challenging business problems as MIPs,” said Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta, Quantagonia Co-founder, CTO. “With this latest release, we continue to achieve significant performance improvements in HybridSolver on today’s classical computers and are especially excited about the future potential as quantum computers continue to develop.”

People interested in learning more and seeing how easy it is to reformulate MIP models as QUBO models should contact our technical team at info@quantagonia.com or +49 (0) 61 72944 7130.

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