Leveraging Quantagonia's Hybrid Quantum Platform for mathematical optimization

OptWare GmbH has more than 20 years of experience enabling companies to apply mathematical optimization to create efficiencies in complex business environments. By partnering with Quantagonia, OptWare will be able to leverage Quantagonia’s Hybrid Quantum Platform and explore the use of QUBO and MIP solution capabilities within their product offerings.
Leveraging Quantagonia's Hybrid Quantum Platform for mathematical optimization

“We found Quantagonia because we were looking for a product offering that would allow us to solve our client’s optimization models while providing the opportunity to explore additional model types”, said Thomas Husslein, managing director and owner of OptWare. “Quantagonia’s HybridSolver allows us to solve MIP, LP, and QUBO models, is very price competitive and gives us an on-ramp to quantum.”

“We’re excited to team up with OptWare to create even more value for their clients today through our Hybrid Quantum Platform”, said Dirk Zechiel, CEO of Quantagonia. “Through their faith in our product roadmap combined with the QUBO, MIP, and LP solving capabilities of our HybridSolver, we’ll be able to provide substantial value to OptWare’s clients today and in the future.”

About OptWare:

OptWare GmbH was founded in 1999 to bring modern optimization methods into businesses. The company has successfully combined mathematical optimization tools with engineering science and state of the art technology. Its teams in Regensburg and Munich focus on technology consulting and software development. You can learn more on their website: https://www.optware.de/

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