Helping Build the Quantum Ecosystem

Exciting news for our quantum computing ecosystem: Quantagonia is teaming up with QuForce in support of their mission to become the world’s leading community for quantum computing.
Helping Build the Quantum Ecosystem

QuForce is the world's leading community in post-quantum cryptography and white hat hacking and is on a mission to become the world’s leading international community for quantum computing. The community is highly interdisciplinary, consisting of 200+ general members who are quantum computing experts, security professionals, software engineers, product managers, innovation leads within large enterprises, and members of the government sector.

QuForce and Quantagonia intend to collaborate on fostering a community around quantum computing and exploring problems which can be effectively addressed by quantum computing today. In particular, the partners will explore the feasibility of today’s quantum computing capabilities in joint projects through the QuForce ecosystem and through the Innovation Fellows Program.

Our entire team of Quantagonians including our founders Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta, Dirk Zechiel and Philipp Hannemann are excited for what’s to come.

Stay tuned!

Also, be sure to check out The Superposition Podcast of QuForce on YouTube:

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