Quantagonia Joins The IBM Quantum Network

Quantagonia has joined the IBM Quantum Network to help continue advancing platform and application development leveraging quantum computing.
Quantagonia Joins The IBM Quantum Network

Quantagonia will enable access to select IBM Quantum systems over the cloud from its own Hybrid Quantum Platform.

Quantagonia’s Hybrid Quantum Platform (HQP) is designed to provide clients with an easy on-ramp to quantum computing by allowing them to use and maintain a single code base across both classical and quantum applications. Quantagonia’s HQP enables this by automatically transforming and optimizing input code for use on available classical and quantum hardware based on the specific needs of the application or model the client is using. Importantly, no changes to the client’s code are required, including legacy X86 code, even as the underlying computing hardware continues to evolve. This helps future-proof today’s development work and de-risk an organization’s on-ramp to quantum computing.

“Quantum hardware is developing quickly, and our vision is to allow our clients to take advantage of those developments as easily and cost-effectively as possible,” said Dirk Zechiel, co-founder, and CEO of Quantagonia. “As part of that vision, we also realize that classical hardware will continue to be important within an organization’s tech stack, and so we are building our HQP to allow users to make the most of all available hardware, reducing risks and costs.”

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