Speeding up, improving and automating legal advisory processes through quantum computing

Quantagonia is pleased to announce a partnership with Deloitte Legal to explore how the use of quantum computing can be leveraged in increasingly complex legal decision-making processes and how quantum-related security issues may require novel legal actions.
Speeding up, improving and automating legal advisory processes through quantum computing

“We’re excited to team up with Quantagonia to design the future of law today,” said Dr. Tobias Fuchs, partner at Deloitte Legal Germany. “For legal advisory processes quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography lead to both great opportunities as well as additional questions. On the one hand, we can speed up, improve, and automate increasingly complex legal processes, for instance relating to the Supply Chain Act. On the other hand, the threats associated with possibly being able to decrypt sensitive information through quantum may require entirely new legal actions.”

“Quantum computing can and should be leveraged in many different corporate functions,” said Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, co-founder of Quantagonia. “Making sense of increasingly complex legal environments can be made much easier through quantum computing – think about the vast complexity and dependencies associated with the Supply Chain Act. At the same time, we have to think about security-related issues due to the possibility of being able to decrypt sensitive information from the past. Providing our cloud-based quantum computing services to Deloitte Legal and incorporating issues relating to the future of law into our vision for Quantagonia is exciting.”

About Deloitte Legal:

With more than 2500 legal professionals operating in over 80 countries, Deloitte Legal collaborates seamlessly across borders and with other Deloitte businesses. Deloitte’s cross-discipline approach enable to provide a perspective that is global, yet grounded; solutions that are pioneering, yet pragmatic; and cross-border coordination with a single point of contact. Experience the future of law, today. You can learn more on their website: https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/services/legal.html?icid=top_legal

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