Taking Artificial Intelligence to the Next Level

Quantagonia is pleased to announce their membership of KI Park to leverage quantum computing for future advances in artificial intelligence.
Taking Artificial Intelligence to the Next Level

“Quantum computers take AI to a new level, enabling highly complex simulations and new business models,” said Dirk Zechiel, co-founder and CEO of Quantagonia. “Together with the unique community of startups, corporates, SMEs, and the public sector atKI Park we will shape Europe’s digital transformation in a joint effort.”

“We are very happy to welcome Quantagonia as a member of our open ecosystem to pave the way for tomorrow’s technology today,” said Olly Salzmann, deputy CEO of KI Park.“In order to enable breakthroughs in the responsible use of AI, Quantagonia isa great extension to our network which their deep expertise in advanced quantum algorithms that can be leveraged today.”


KI Parke.V. is based in Berlin and was launched in 2021. Behind the non-profit association are twelve renowned founding members from business, science, and politics. KI Park creates structures for expedited extensive innovation funding to open up new opportunities for European startups in the field of AI. It also offers a platform for networking between founding teams, companies, research institutions, political stakeholders, and civil society actors. KI Park is building “satellites” to promote AI innovations regionally and to foster cross-regional cooperation. You can learn more on their website.

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