Taking Mathematical Optimization to the Next Level

Quantagonia is pleased to announce a partnership with OPTANO to explore ways quantum computing can help with solving mathematical optimization problems.
Taking Mathematical Optimization to the Next Level

“Our mission is to enable our customers to make complex decisions faster and better, such as for production planning, by using mathematical optimization technology,” said Dr. Ingmar Steinzen, CEO and co-founder of OPTANO. “Exploring how Quantagonia’s quantum-inspired algorithms and their Quantum Virtual Platform can help us in that mission was an easy decision to make.” 


“We are very excited to be working withOPTANO,” said Dirk Zechiel, CEO and co-founder of Quantagonia. “Their focus on continually raising the bar when it comes to delivering results and expanding the range of business decisions which they can help their clients with was a natural fit for our mission and vision.” 


Made up of mathematicians, IT experts, and economists, OPTANO solves planning challenges and optimizes business processes to help companies achieve the best possible business results by using mathematical optimization technology. You can learn more on their website.

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