HPC/Compiler Developer | C++ (m/w/d)

Remote, Europe

This is your opportunity to work on cutting-edge quantum technology that has the potential to change the world. The successful candidate for this role will be helping our efforts working on the next generation of quantum algorithms and solutions with one of the leading development teams in the industry. At Quantagonia, you and your ideas can have a strong influence on our products - this is how you push your career and our company!

Join Our Mission

Based in Germany with offices in the US and Sweden, Quantagonia is at the cutting edge of Quantum Computing helping companies apply it to their business to create game-changing strategic advantages. This is your opportunity to have a significant positive impact on the growth of a company, build your own skill set, and have the satisfaction at working at the cutting edge of a category that will shape the future of society.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Embrace an agile, production-oriented mindset within a heavily research-based environment
  • Implement cutting-edge algorithms
  • Parallelize, tune and distribute HPC code
  • Integrate your results into the overall product
  • Help with the development of compiler extensions and DSLs
  • Analyze and benchmark novel hardware w.r.t its suitability for our products and, if, applicable, integrate it

We are a young and ambitious team of highly engaged experts. You should be comfortable jumping into parts of the pipeline. Learning what is needed, you are ready to take charge and plan your work accordingly. In addition to that, we expect a certain degree of self-reliance through, e.g., contributing to the planning and evaluation of development sprints.

What you'll bring to the role:

Must haves:

  • 3+ years of professional experience in developing production-grade HPC / compiler code
  • Solid, low-level C/C++ programming experience with a strong emphasis on efficiency and performance
  • At least one of the following
  • Experience with developing of and for compilers - either your own, LLVM, GCC or similar
  • Experience with developing for distributed and accelerated (GPU - CUDA, HIP, OpenCL, SYCL or similar) hardware
  • Familiarity with HPC frameworks and parallel programming concepts - at least MPI and OpenMP
  • Experience with performance optimizations of scientific/HPC/parallel code, ideally using profilers
  • Solid mathematical foundation, especially in linear algebra and discrete maths
  • A track record of contributions to code projects, e.g. through public code repositories
  • Excellent communication skills, team-oriented, with a strong emphasis on understandability and code quality


  • Knowledge of different approaches to quantum computing (Quantum annealing and Quantum Circuits)
  • Experience with “quantum languages” such as Q#, Qiskit or similar
  • Ability to translate algorithmic descriptions into code, build prototypes and iterate quickly
  • Knowledge of lower-level languages, especially assembly languages
  • Experience with developing AI/ML methods, Monte-Carlo methods, and similar
  • Knowledge and/or experience with existing quantum computing technologies
  • Academic/STEM background

How you’ll lead:

  • Strong leadership- and ownership attitude: you will take an active part in the ownership of the product. You will actively maintain it and deliver features from the roadmap.
  • Be a flexible and strong team player, with an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to think outside the box
  • Use your desire to proactively learn new technologies and look for ways to improve code, processes, and the team

What can you expect from us:

  • A high degree of responsibility and potential to make an impact and shape the company product.
  • A passionate and international team of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.
  • Very flexible working environment you can adapt to your personal needs, be it in terms of working hours or location - your happiness and productivity are what matters in the end!
  • Flat hierarchies with a direct and open approach to your personal development and role in the team.
  • Opportunity to learn new technologies, be it quantum computing, software development, or anything in between!