Solutions that Work on Both Classical and Quantum Hardware

Performance and price advantages today with an on-ramp to quantum.

Our decison management tools allow you to improve mathematical optimization, machine learning, and simulation decision model performance today on your existing classical HPC hardware, help future-proof current software development investments for use on quantum computers, and position you to seamlessly take advantage of developments in quantum computing.


A hardware-agnostic platform for your decision models that works on both classical and quantum hardware.

Our Hybrid Quantum Platform (HQP) is a SaaS, cloud-native service designed to support cutting-edge algorithms for artificial intelligence/machine learning, simulation and optimization models and allow them to be solved across available classical HPC and Quantum hardware. Our approach is hardware-agnostic and designed to help users leverage the optimal mix of hardware for their situation, even as that mix changes over time. This helps ensure your development investments are future-proofed as the quantum age unfolds while helping you get the best performance possible today.

What it covers

The Quantagonia HQP is designed to allow you to build and solve artificial intelligence/machine learning, simulation and math optimization models using classical, quantum-inspired and quantum algorithms controlling for machine choice, desired solve time and budget.

How it works

Our HQP intelligently analyzes your model using AI to determine the optimal selection of available hardware, transforms it to help best leverage that hardware and available memory, and then dynamically uses algorithms and hardware to deliver solutions as quickly as possible.


Boost the performance of your existing decision models while developing once for both classical and quantum hardware.

Quantagonia's mathematical optimization, machine learning, and simulation algorithms help give your existing decision models, including MIP and LP models, a performance boost while allowing you to run the same model on both classical and quantum hardware (gate-based quantum computers as well as NISQ-devices/quantum annealing systems).

Quantagonia HybridSolver

Quantagonia's HybridSolver, is an enterprise-grade mathematical optimization solver at a very competitive price point. Using a combination of advanced Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) and Linear Programming algorithms (LP), and cutting-edge quantum-inspired algorithms for QUBO models, our HybridSolver can handle a broad range of decision models on your existing hardware while also giving you an on-ramp to quantum computing as that continues to develop.

Product Update: The Summer 2022 release of HybridSolver delivers significant performance improvements, the first-ever ability to determine the quality of a QUBO model's solution and the ability to formulate a binary model with constraints as a MIP model and then solve it also as a QUBO model for potential performance improvements.
Learn more on our HybridSolver Page


Seamlessly integrate Hybrid Quantum Platform into your existing tech stack and benefit now from quantum-related advances.

Quantagonia's APIs allow for seamless integration into your existing tech stack, thereby accelerating adoption while helping to minimize integration risk. In addition, because our Hybrid Quantum Platform is hardware agnostic, you can more easily take advantage of quantum-related advances while better shielding your team from the complexity and costs associated with rapid hardware evolution.

Product Update: The Summer 2022 release of the Hybrid Quantum Platform now, in addition to supporting HybridSolver enhancements, allows for the processing of up to 500 jobs in parallel and provides real-time solution progress feedback.


Our flexible platform, powerful algorithms and intuitive APIs collectively help you develop a robust roadmap toward integrating quantum technologies into your organization.

The quantum age is rapidly unfolding, and the possibilities for organizations are virtually endless. At Quantagonia, we partner with you every step of the way through our holistic approach: understanding your status quo, identifying ways to leverage quantum advances for immediate and long-term benefits, helping to future-proof your investments in decision tools, and building a robust and strategic roadmap going forward.

Use Cases

We can help you identify relevant use cases in your own organization to accelerate learnings and return on investment.

Quantagonia's team of experts can help you discover and prioritize important decision models within your organization for which quantum-related solutions can be applied. We do this by bringing a combination of domain and technology experts to the table. Our approach can be leveraged in all industries where tools such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, simulation, and optimization are often used. We help you start, de-risk, and maximize the return on investment of your quantum journey.
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Don't wait. Embrace the Q.

Contact us to see how Quantagonia can help you win with quantum today, while preparing your company to make the most of the quantum future.
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