Maximizing the impact of quantum algorithms on challenging industry use-cases

Quantagonia macht alte Software fit für Quantencomputer. Würde Frank Thelen investieren?

Jan 24, 2023
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Quantagonia and Kvantify team up to maximize the impact of quantum algorithms on challenging in-dustry use-cases.

The leading company in Quantum & High Performance Computing software, Kvantify, and the market-leading hybrid quantum platform, Quantagonia, have agreed to collaborate on developing new approaches to dynamically use quantum-related algorithms on both emerging quantum and today's HPC hardware. The aim is to push the boundaries of modeling and uncover new solutions to previously impossible challenges.

While still relatively small, the quantum computing industry is expanding rapidly, and industry collaboration paves the way for innovation and new breakthroughs. Kvantify Quantum Engineer, Stig Elkjær explains: “With Quantagonia, we are connecting to an undoubtedly strong quantum resource. They are experts in hybrid QUBO optimizers and adding those tools to our kit, enables us to solve more, and tougher problems.”  

Quantagonia’s platform allows users to run today's code and decision models on both quantum hardware and high-performance computers, simplifying development and deployment while providing an easy on-ramp to quantum computing.

As we continue to develop our platform's features for quantum-related software developers, we are excited to partner with Kvantify,” says Dirk Zechiel, CEO of Quantagonia. “Kvantify’s cutting-edge work combined with our leading Hybrid Quantum Platform is an ideal partnership to further enable companies to build competitive advantages, leveraging quantum computing.

Kvantify, based in Denmark, works with leading companies to develop models & software which utilize quantum computing, to address & solve their most difficult computational challenges. Quantum computing will be crucial for a range of businesses in the future, not least for drug development, financial systems, & logistics. While this collaboration is an important step towards that future, it will also strengthen Kvantify in the continued delivery of quantum-related solutions on HPC hardware, already today.

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