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Advanced quantum algorithms, for your most important business problems, delivering breakthrough performance on today's high-performance computers, with seamless migration for later use on quantum computers via our Hybrid Quantum Platform.
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Quantagonia introduces HybridSolver for today’s high-performance computers.
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You don't have to wait to benefit from quantum computing.

Solve business problems in real-time that today take days or longer.

Across artificial intelligence/machine learning, simulation, and optimization models, Quantagonia’s breakthrough, existing and in-development, algorithms let businesses address complex problems that previously could not be addressed algorithmically, and time-sensitive problems where current methods are slower than desired.

Big gains now on classical computers, and  bigger gains  later on quantum computers.

Built from the ground up to take advantage of the latest advances in quantum-inspired algorithms and approaches to leveraging classical hardware, businesses can experience performance gains on their existing tech stack while seeing additional gains using those same models on quantum computers without reformulating those models.

Develop once for both classical and quantum computers.

Until now, taking advantage of quantum computing required rewriting decision models  for exclusive use on quantum computers. Now you can develop and maintain a single model and solve it wherever makes the most sense.

Future-proof your investment in decision models.

Our modeling platform  makes your models hardware-agnostic, helping you  ensure that today's investment in development will work on tomorrow's hardware - especially important where the underlying hardware is subject to rapid change.

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Built by leaders in AI/Machine Learning, Simulation and Optimization

Quantagonia is uniquely positioned to help companies benefit today from advances in quantum computing, in a way that  prepares them for the rapidly approaching quantum future.
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