HybridSolver – Finally, Performance meets Affordability

Develop and deploy powerful decision models more cost effectively

HybridSolver is a price-competitive, enterprise-grade mathematical optimization solver for MIP, LP and QUBO models delivering great performance on today's computers and an on-ramp to incredible performance with quantum computers.
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High Performance

Get high-quality solutions quickly for your existing and new decision models

Accessibly Priced

Reasonable fees allow use across a broader range of models and make it easy to scale use of those models

Easy Development and Deployment

Intuitive  APIs, maximum hardware compatibility and flexible licensing simplify use,

Problem solved

Powerful solving without the high costs

Quantagonia's HybridSolver combines enhanced algorithms for Mixed-Integer and Linear Programming (MIP and LP) models with cutting-edge quantum-inspired algorithms for QUBO models -- a model type delivering significant performance improvements across a range of common optimization problems.

HybridSolver also gives users an on-ramp to quantum computing as those continue to evolve. This will allow the solving of models today's solvers simply can't handle and deliver breakthrough performance on existing models without having to rewrite  them or manage multiple versions across classical and quantum platforms.

Send us an MPS file from your existing solver and see for yourself.

Explore  and solve new problems

Using HybridSolver's quantum-inspired algorithms and industry-leading QUBO performance, you can explore solving important business problems that your existing solvers haven't been able to solve.

QUBO Models

Intuitively develop and deploy QUBO models delivering high-quality solutions quickly

Mixed-Integer Programming Models

Intuitively develop and deploy MIP models delivering high-quality solutions quickly

Linear Programming Models

Intuitively develop and deploy LP models delivering high-quality solutions quickly

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Backed by leaders in mathematical optimization and hybrid computing

With ongoing development by one of the most experienced teams in the industry combined with free tuning services and one-on-one technical support, you can feel confident knowing that we are here to help you succeed now and as the quantum future develops.


Powerful solvers that bridge high performance computing and quantum

HybridSolver is part of Quantagonia’s developing PaaS, cloud-native, Hybrid Quantum Platform (HQP). Designed to support artificial intelligence/machine learning, simulation, and optimization models, HQP analyzes your models and transforms them to be optimally solved across available classical and quantum hardware.

Together, HybridSolver allows your team to focus on the model as HQP analyzes it to determine the best combination of available algorithms and hardware to dynamically solve it.

Since models running on the Hybrid Quantum Platform are quantum-ready, your team has an easier path for exploring which of your decision problems will benefit from quantum computing and a more intuitive way to test new models for previously unsolvable problems.

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November  2022
Release Overview

What’s new with Quantagonia’s HybridSolver

• 5X speedup of mean time to optimality

• 6x speedup of medium time to optimality

• Enhanced ability to solve previously unsolvable models

Erik Wirsing
VP Global Innovation at DB Schenker,
Industry Advisory Board member at Quantagonia

I believe that it is worthwhile right now to find out with companies like Quantagonia where and how processes and predictions can be optimized in your own company in order to be able to profit from them tomorrow.