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Our HybridSolver enables you to solve your optimization problems. Classical and Quantum. Today.

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Hybrid for best Performance

Not just classical or quantum, but both. A synergy for optimal performance.

Flexible, Affordable, Scalable

Auto-scale hardware resources based on your performance and problem size requirements, all while ensuring future-proofing.

Power through your model

One powerful HybridSolver for LPs, MIPs and QUBOs.

Expert Guidance & Education

We assist your company in all steps for an effortless and end-to-end entry into Quantum HPC.

Hardware-Agnostic Solver

The Ultimate Hybrid Hardware in the most Complete Package.

If you're seeking the best performance for your optimization task, we have the answer: a hybrid solution combining the power of GPUs, CPUs and quantum hardware. We are your guide to and through the quantum world, enabling you to effortlessly achieve end-to-end results.

Streamlined Optimization

Powerful Hardware Fusion

Achieve Top Performance

Tailored Solutions
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Flexibility, Affordability, and Scalability for Your Growing Needs.

Discover flexibility and affordability in computational solutions with our scalable solver. Effortlessly adapt to changes in performance requirements or model sizes while ensuring future-proofing in the face of limited quantum hardware availability.

Cost Effective & Powerful

Tailored To Your Needs

Dynamic Scalability

Solving with Optimality

Your Model, our Problem. Expert Guidance for maximal Performance.

A high-performance optimization solver for MIPs, LPs, and QUBO models, including decomposition, optimality proof, and seamless integration with the ideal backend for your task. Powerful while being scalable and user-friendly.

Backend Selection For Performance

Solution Assessment

Optimality & Continuous Improvements

City route optimization

Jump Into Action.

Solve MIPs, LPs, and QUBO models—both quantum and classical—through simple API access. Ensure adaptability and future-proof performance in the evolving quantum landscape.

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Starter Package

Begin with the Best.

Solving of LPs, MIPs, QUBOs (no size limitations)

Including 100 hours of CPU compute time (additional time will be charged with 20€/hour)

Access to GPUs and QPUs*

Model tuning service

*priced separately

Premium Package

Go Premium and Beyond.
case based

Full expert support

Solving of LPs, MIPs, QUBOs (no size limitations)

Full access to GPUs and QPU included

Quantum readiness assessment

Workshops in modelling & guidance

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Harness the power of our HybridSolver to optimize performance today and future-proof your business for tomorrow.