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Creating breakthrough technology is one thing. Our mission is to facilitate access to, and optimize, these breakthroughs, empowering companies to utilize them to gain strategic advantages.

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We have extensive expertise in both theoretical and applied AI, optimization, and simulation across classical HPC and quantum computing. We prioritize effective technology application over merely being a 'first-mover' to best address your unique needs.

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Our Hybrid Quantum Platform (HPQ) ensures the infrastructure and solutions you need for current and future HPC applications

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Understanding the intricacies of a hybrid solution and your business case to create lasting value

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We tackle the complexities of classical and quantum HPC, crafting the perfect tailored solution for your unique challenges

Our Journey

Quantagonia's Journey through the Quantum Age

Every journey starts with uncertainty, but with every milestone, we determine our state: on track to revolutionize classical computing by making it faster, more resource-efficient, and capable of solving previously unsolvable problems.

H2 2021

Vision Becomes Reality

After months of iterating and refining ideas, Quantagonia was founded in November 2021 in the Rhein/Main area. The founders united with a shared vision to develop advanced software for quantum computers, driving innovation and helping businesses transition into the quantum era.

H1 2022

Pre-Seed Round & Launch

Quantagonia successfully closed its first venture-backed investment round and officially launched. This funding enabled the company to onboard specialists in High Performance Computing and Optimization, driving forward our mission to revolutionize quantum computing.

H2 2022

HybridSolver 0.1

Quantagonia made HybridSolver 0.1 available, marking an important milestone with its first product innovation just months after the company's launch. This foundational solution in the field of optimization set the stage for further development of the Hybrid Quantum Platform and the significant advancements in optimization that followed. Quantagonia was officially introduced as an IBM partner, further solidifying its position in the industry.

H1 2023

Seed Funding Round

Quantagonia secured its Seed Funding Round, raising the total investment to €4.3 million. This crucial funding enabled the company to accelerate its development and expand its team. With this support, Quantagonia advanced its technology and brought new innovations to the Hybrid Quantum Platform, further solidifying its position in the field of quantum computing.

H2 2023

Breakthroughs in Solver Performance and Optimization Models

While the Solver made significant performance improvements, preparing it for a future launch as a standalone high-performance engine, the team achieved initial breakthroughs in creating a mathematical optimization model using LLMs. In a significant development, Quantagonia was also introduced as the new code owner and maintainer of Qiskit-Optimization and partnered with Strangeworks to provide their customers with our advanced platform.

H1 2024

A Second Location and Final Steps to Product Launch

Quantagonia opened its second office in Munich to expand its strong talent pool and engage with the vibrant startup ecosystem in the city. The development of the platform was completed on schedule for the launch, and the performance of our Solver Engine competed with and outperformed existing market leaders in tests and research.


On the path to revolutionize computing and optimization

Stay tuned for further updates and follow our journey!

Quantagonia's Journey through the Quantum Age

Every journey starts with uncertainty, but with every milestone, we determine our state: on track to revolutionize classical computing by making it faster, more resource-efficient, and capable of solving previously unsolvable problems.

Nov 2021

Founded by exceptional leaders

In November 2021, some of the most talented leaders decided to get together to bring the quantum age to Europe and help companies to benefit from the quantum advantage  today.

Apr 2022

HybridSolver gets released

Already in April 2022, Quantagonia was able to release its Hybrid Solver - a price-competitive, enterprise-grade mathematical optimization solver for MIP, LP and QUBO models - allowing its clients to deliver great performance on today's computers and an on-ramp to incredible performance with quantum computers

Sep 2022

Enhanced Hybrid Solver

In fall 2022, Quantagonia released an enhanced version of its Hybrid Solver, expanding the range of fast and intuitive APIs available to its customers. Additionally, this release of HybridSolver delivers significant performance enhancements and new features.


On the path to revolutionizing classical computing

Stay tuned for further updates and follow our journey!

Who we are

Our Team

A rapidly growing team of some of the most experienced players in the space. Whether you are a prospective customer, or would like to join our team, we’d love to talk with you.

Dirk Zechiel

CEO & Co-Founder

Expert in AI, optimization, simulation, and data analysis. Former managing director and Co-Founder of Gurobi GmbH.

Philipp Hannemann COO Co-Founder Quantagonia

Philipp Hannemann

COO & Co-Founder

Experienced entrepreneur adept at building business development and sales organizations. An expert in real-world optimization.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

High-performance algorithm expert in AI, optimization, and Quantum Computing. Professor at TU Berlin, VP at Zuse Institute Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke


AI, data analytics, IoT, robotics, and automation expert. 12-year career as a professor at top universities. Former board member of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Dr. Thomas Kleinert, Quantagonia, Senior Technical Account Manager

Dr. Thomas Kleinert

Chief Technology Officer

Expert in modeling, solving & deploying real-world optimization problems on classical and quantum machines in both academic and industrial environments.

Matthias Wulff Portrait Image

Matthias Wulff

Chief Strategy Officer

Expert at the quantum science and business development intersection, background in quantum science & technology, physics, and engineering.

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