We help companies make better decisions in less time with quantum-hybrid computing

Creating break-through technology is one thing. We live to enable access to, and optimize, those breakthroughs to help companies apply them to create  game-changing strategic advantages for their business.
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The Best of Industry and Academia

With deep expertise in theoretical and applied AI, simulation and optimization across both classical HPC and quantum computing, we know what matters is not just being a “first-mover”, but best applying that technology to your unique situation. We’re here to help.

Focused on Delivering Results Today

Instead of just helping companies “prepare for a quantum future”, we focus on delivering  competitive advantages today while enabling high-ROI adoption of quantum computing advances going forward.

Guided by our Customers’ Needs

While we are passionate about moving quantum computing forward, our core passion is doing so in a way that provides breakthrough benefits to our customers in ways that reflect their near-term needs and future stratregic opportunities.

Our solution

Our Leadership

With a deep and rapidly growing team of some of the most experienced players in the space, whether your are prospective customer, or would like to join our team, we’d love to talk with you.
Dirk Zechiel - CEO & Co-Founder of Quantagonia

Dirk Zechiel

Ceo & co-founder

Expert in AI, optimization, simulation, and data analysis. Former managing director and Co-Founder of Gurobi GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke - Co-Founder of Quantagonia

Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke


Expert in AI, data analytics, IoT, robotics, automation, and human-machine interaction. 12-year career as a full professor at the TU Berlin, the University of Stuttgart, and the RWTH Aachen. Former board member of Deutsche Bahn AG.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta - Co-Founder of Quantagonia

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta


Expert in the development of high-performance algorithms in the field of AI, optimization and Quantum Computing. Professor for optimization and machine learning at TU Berlin and VP at Zuse Institute Berlin.

Philipp Hannemann Portrait

Philipp Hannemann

COO & Co-founder

Experienced entrepreneur and specialist in building business development and sales organizations.
Many years of experience in solving large-scale optimization problems in the real world.

Chris Riche - Chief Marketing Officer at Quantagonia

Chris Riche

Chief marketinG Officer

Experienced marketing leader in organizations from startups to Fortune 50 companies. Strong B2B and SaaS experience.

Boro Šofranac Portrait

Boro Šofranac

Head of development: Applications

Expert in Mathematical Optimization, Scientific Computing, and High-Performance Computing.

Dr. Daniel Thuerck Portrait

Dr. Daniel Thuerck

Head of development: compilers

Expert in Numerical Linear Algebra, Scientific/High-Performance Computing and Compilers for heterogeneous hardware.


Example Partners and Customers

Quantagonia is well positioned to help you understand how to take advantage of quantum computing and start benefiting from quantum-related advances today. Here are just some of the companies we are already working with.  

We welcome you to learn more about working with us.
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