Partnership brings Quantagonia’s HybridSolver to the Strangeworks Ecosystem.

Quantagonia macht alte Software fit für Quantencomputer. Würde Frank Thelen investieren?

Sep 12, 2023
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Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, September 12, 2023 - Strangeworks and Quantagonia announced a partnership bringing complex optimization solutions to end-users. Strangeworks provides cloud access to the largest catalog of quantum computing and quantum-inspired solvers, which now includes Quantagonia’s HybridSolver, an enterprise-grade mathematical solver designed for solving complex problems on both classical and quantum computers.

Quantagonia’s flexible and scalable HybridSolver accepts native formulations of mixed integer programming (MIP), linear programming (LP), and quadratic unconstrained binary optimization problems (QUBO) and solves them optimally using a hybrid approach that auto-scales and allocates hardware resources based on performance and problem size requirements. The hardware-agnostic approach allows for computing on multiple backends, including CPUs, GPUs and QPUs.

“The Quantagonia team are world-class experts in optimization. Having already worked together to solve optimization problems for customers in life sciences and energy,” Strangeworks CEO William Hurley said, “we’re looking forward to expanding on an amazing partnership.”

The collaboration between Strangeworks and Quantagonia enables them to meet the growing demand in the field of optimization. The Strangeworks platform, already known for its wide catalog of proprietary and third-party applications, now enriches its offerings with Quantagonia's HybridSolver in the segment of optimization services. This allows users to model and solve complex optimization problems with ease. The HybridSolver offers seamless decompositions and utilizes advanced algorithms, such as the Quantum Branch-and-Bound. Furthermore, rigorous optimality proofs are provided for the solutions found, and the best possible backend is chosen for each individual optimization task. Quantagonia sees the potential in this partnership to revolutionize the market for optimization solutions together.

“The entire Strangeworks team is unparalleled in their leadership in making quantum computing accessible for everyone. We are excited to further strengthen the collaboration that has already proven to be outstanding,” said Dirk Zechiel, CEO of Quantagonia and former Managing Director and co-founder of Gurobi GmbH.

Sign up today for a Strangeworks account to access Quantagonia’s HybridSolver, available today for free on problems with up to 50 variables and on a paid basis for larger more complex problems.

About Strangeworks

Based in Austin, Texas, Strangeworks removes the barriers to quantum, so you can turn what if into what is, with the most complete quantum ecosystem available. Move every bold idea forward faster with all the quantum and quantum-inspired solutions, all in one place. Stretch your budgets further with scalable utility pricing and flexible spending management. Unlock business value today, and prepare for quantum advantage tomorrow.

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About Quantagonia

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, Quantagonia is at the forefront of quantum computing. Understanding the significance of merging quantum and classical computations for solving complex problems, they employ a hardware-agnostic, cross-platform approach. Their Hybrid Quantum Platform seamlessly combines quantum and classical systems, targeting AI/ML, simulation, and optimization. Users can harness this quantum power without diving into qubit complexities and selecting the optimal hardware. Prioritizing performance over hardware limitations, Quantagonia envisions a future where quantum solutions are central to daily computing and problem-solving.

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