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Revolutionizing Computing through a Fusion of Quantum and Classical.

Classical computers with their existing architectures are reaching their limits. We combine the best of today's classical HPC and quantum computing to create the solutions of the future.


Breaking the Boundaries in a Hybrid Way.

Technological disruption is nonlinear. With rapid yet unpredictable quantum computing hardware development, we mitigate backend risks to ensure your end-to-end success. While incorporating breakthroughs, we prioritize optimal performance, both quantum and classical. In the short term, not all quantum solutions surpass classical ones, balancing both is one of our key strengths.

Future Proof & Disruptive

Prioritizing Optimal Performance

Leveraging & Balancing Quantum

Quantum-classical hybrid hardware
Holistic Approach
high-level overview of the Hybrid Quantum Platform and it's pace in the tech-stack

From the Application to the Machine Code.

One of our approaches to quantum computing is centered around addressing the fundamental challenge of programming in a different language. Rather than tackling this issue through various layers of a quantum tech stack, we focus on providing a streamlined and efficient solution beginning at the root of the application. Through this approach, we can offer a faster, leaner, and more effective solution that is compatible with all available quantum computing hardware and easily accessible as Hybrid Quantum Platform.

Compatible With Any Hardware

Lean & Fast

Better & Scalable

Unlocking Business Potential

User & Application Centric Approach.

You are an expert in your business, and we are experts in quantum-classical hybrid high-performance computing (HPC). To create lasting business and commercial value, we take a user- and application-centric approach. While not every quantum solution is currently suitable, our Hybrid Quantum Platform (HPQ) makes it incredibly easy to identify, translate, and prepare your business for quantum capabilities while leveraging existing solutions.

Quantum Ready

Early & Lasting Advantage

Solution & Capability Driven

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Quantum Readiness

Are you ready for quantum computing?

Begin your quantum journey and unleash the potential of this groundbreaking technology to fuel innovation and gain a competitive advantage in your business. Here are four essential steps we can help you with to achieve quantum readiness, tailored to your level of quantum maturity.


Consider Impact

Impact of QC

Have you considered the impact of quantum computing on your business?

Learn about fundamentals of QC for businesses

Identify gaps & first improvement actions

Takes you 1 day


Identify and plan

Identify and plan

Have you identified use cases & set a roadmap?

Assessment of current state solutions

Ideation: problem identification & use case shaping

Estimation of business case

Define target (KPIs) & roadmap

Takes you 1 week




Have you already implemented your use cases?

Set scope: requirements & specifications of use case(s)

Proof of Concept (MVP)

Test & validation of the business potential & value

Combine clear action items with roadmap

Takes you 2-6 weeks




Have you integrated your use cases into your business?

Step-by-step guide & tactical implementation plan

Modelling & further algorithm design

Refining & identifying further areas of improvement

Training & support

Project based

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Are you Quantum Ready?

Revolutionize your artificial intelligence/machine learning, optimization, and simulation problems.