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Many powerful solutions in one Hybrid Quantum Platform.

Unleash the quantum power for your AI/ML, optimization, and simulation needs. Problem queued, solution provided.

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Hybrid & Hardware Agnostic

Seamlessly blend classical and quantum in multi-platform computing for maximum performance and efficiency.

Coding without Qubits

The abstraction required for scalability and future-proofing, all within our end-to-end infrastructure.

Effortless Allocation & Execution

Automated solutions for cost-efficiency and performance, ensuring the use of the perfect backend for your task.


Our Q-Engines power through your AI/ML, optimization and simulation problems.

As an example, our HybridSolver is your enterprise-grade mathematical optimization solver and Q-Engine for complex optimization problems on today's classical and quantum computers. Develop and deploy powerful decision models more cost-efficiently.

Enhanced Capabilities: Fast & Accurate

Novel & Power

Future Proof & Scalable

Dynamic coding and solving in action. The HybridSolver accessible via API, allowing modeling and coding in the users natural programming environment and language.
Quantagonia cross-platform compiler effortlessly compiles code into an executable format for all backends.
Quantagonia cross-compiler
Quantagonia Machine Code Visual

Our cross-platform compiler effortlessly compiles code into an executable format for all backends.

The LLVM-based compiler divides the process into two layers, optimizing your code for multi-platform use before fine-tuning it for each hardware backend. Instead of backend-specific solutions, experience the ease and flexibility of multi-platform coding with our cross-platform compiler, optimized for peak performance on each backend.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Faster Execution

Streamlined & LLVM-based Optimization

Hardware Orchestration

Unlock the full potential of classical and quantum computing with our intelligent orchestration.

The synergy of software and hardware, tailored to each task for maximum performance and efficiency. It leverages the latest advancements in quantum computing and seamlessly blends classical and quantum computing power, using the perfect backend for your task.

Backend Selection For Performance

Cost Efficient & Scalable

Intelligent Hybrid Orchestration

The Hybrid Quantum Platform in action
City route optimization

High-stakes scenarios involving complex decision-making

Small enhancements, large impact: optimization problems like in  air traffic control require finding the best solution from multiple options while considering constraints and objectives.

Other Quantum Solvers.

No optimality guarantee

Slow, inefficient and cost intense

Bad multimodality and scalability

Our HybridSolver.


Decomposition and powerful solving

Solution assessment

Hardware agonstic and continuous software optimization

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